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The AN10 is a beautifully made guitar that shows a lot of attention to detail. Our sample obtained from the manufacturerwas virtually flawless.

The first striking thing about the Takamine AN10 is that the top is made of solid cedar instead of the much more common spruce. The grain of the cedar is clean, with no spots or blemishes. The wood is attractive through the natural satin finish, which also contributes to its loud and open sound.

The AN10's rosewood bridge has split saddles; the B and high E strings are on one small saddle, and the remaining strings wrap over the other. I have seen this type of bridge before but only on more expensive guitars.

In addition to the split saddle, the strings are routed through the end of the bridge instead of being fitted down through the bridge and top. This bridge design is said to move the top more than the string-through-body bridge, resulting in a louder, projecting sound, which is indeed the case.

The rosette around the sound hole is made of wood, and there is similar wood detailing around the body of the guitar. The body is bound in a tasteful ivory plastic binding.

The sides, back and neck of the AN10 are made from solid mahogany, which is satin-stained a reddish color. The construction materials and quality of the AN10 are first rate. The two-piecemahogany back has a very thin ivory-looking strip between the halves.

The guitar's neck is 25.5-inch in scale and is 1.69 inches wide at the nut. The neck is topped with a rosewood fretboard. The smooth-feeling, gold-painted,tuning machines have pearloid, plastic knobs. They look like Gotoh tuners. 

Inside, the guitar body was clean and well detailed. The top bracing is scalloped to provide both louder and deeper sound. I examined the AN10 carefully with an inspection mirror and was impressed at the lack of visible glue and at the appearance and quality of the construction.

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