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After building up a pretty impressive reputation over the past few years, EBS has become one of the top manufacturers of bass equipment in the world. That's no mean achievement in an industry that has to deal with the most destructive frequencies produced by any musical instrument, the mighty bass guitar, not to mention some of the big names in amp technology.
EBS are famous for full or half-stack amps but this Classic Session 120 is a great combo that sits at the top of the new range from EBS. The older sibling of the 30 and 60 watt models this has a good, deep tone to it. With a power rating of 120 watts, this is not designed to be purely backline, although it is fully capable of handling smaller gigs with ease, while linking the balanced XLR output to a PA system also makes bigger gigs a possibility.
Built for Tone
The Classic Session range makes full use of the tonal circuit originally designed for much more powerful bass heads, it benefits greatly from an extended EQ section that includes an extra frequency control added to the midrange EQ and also has the added bonus of valve-like distortion. You get a great selection of tones to choose from, this could quickly become your main go to amp for small gigs and a really great monitor for larger stages.
EBS manufacture this range in China but its design and development are done in Sweden. This way you get a great piece of technology at the best possible price.
With phono inputs for media players (mini jack would be better), plus a headphone socket, the Classic Session 120 proves ideal for practising at home as well as being practical on the road. If you have yet to experience something from EBS's almighty bass range, then this would be a great place to start.
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Available Controls: Bass Character Gain Mid Frequency Middle Treble Volume
  • Weight (kg): 21
  • Dimensions: 435 x 402 x 455
  • Available Outputs: Balanced XLR direct output
  • Weight (lb): 47
  • Channels: 1
  • Available Inputs: phono inputs 1/4 Inch Jack Control-Volume
  • Loudspeaker Type: 12
  • Audio Output Power: 120
  • Additional Features: Tilt-back presentation, gain clip indicator, balanced XLR, stereo auxiliary phono inputs, ground lift switch, headphone socket

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